CYBER BOCCIA の課題である屋外や明るすぎる場所での体験が不可という点をカメラのセンサー方式を変更することで改善。そして床面から壁面への投影や大型モニタでの表示にしたことで、大勢のオーディエンスが観戦可能になりました。またビジュアライズや LED照明などは新たに見直し、3DCG によるリアルな演出やボールの動きに合わせた色の変化など演出をバージョンアップしました。 また投球者の近くにタッチパネルを配置し、投球者だけで体験を進行できる仕様にしました。さらにトラスの見直しも行い、設営撤去時間及び人員の大幅な削減にもなりました。ボッチャの良さはそのままに、より体験を楽しく、そして大勢の人が見ても楽しめる新たなボッチャを体験できます。

The issue of CYBER BOCCIA, in which it is impossible to experience outdoors or in places that are too bright, has been improved by changing the sensor system of the camera. And by projecting from the floor surface to the wall surface and displaying it on a large monitor, many audiences can now watch the game. In addition, the visualization and LED lighting have been renewed, and the production has been upgraded, such as real production by 3DCG and color change according to the movement of the ball. In addition, a touch panel has been placed near the pitcher so that the experience can be advanced only by the pitcher. In addition, the truss was reviewed, which significantly reduced the time required to remove the construction and the number of personnel. While retaining the goodness of Boccia, you can experience a new Boccia that is more enjoyable and enjoyable even for a large number of people.

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